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||About US

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. provides high-quality and reliable technical assistance to State and Federal government agencies and private corporations seeking to benefit from IT consulting services.

The keys to our success are experience, responsiveness, service, quality and a competitive pricing.

We value the needs of our clients from the technical to the economical aspects. We can see the problem from the client's point of view because we are engineers, business majors and computer scientists. We demonstrate our commitment to our clients in the following ways:

|We Hire And Train Highly Qualified Consultants

Enterprise’s consultants undergo a series of technical and personal interviews. They have significant industry expertise and the highest academic results because education is essential in this industry and translates to client satisfaction. Employees receive continuous training and support from a community of technical experts. The majority of our IT professionals have more then 15 years of IT experience in all IT application life cycle phases. Employees attend recognized IT conferences to learn from the experiences of other experts and sharpen their skills. The Company’s greatest strength is its consultants whom have management’s trust and attention because they represent Enterprise’s products and services to You.

|We Guarantee Our Clients Satisfaction

We believe in TEAM approach: Together Everyone Achieves More. We carefully choose the most appropriate team members for each job and we support our choice with our consultant's resumes. We use recognized project management methodologies to ensure our clients are kept abreast of the project progress and milestones. Due to Enterprise’s generous compensation, benefits, and management expertise, the Company has averaged 85% employee retention rate, increasing Client satisfaction due to reduction of cost for acquiring and training new employees.

|We Guarantee Unbeatable Costs

With a lean corporate structure, we are able to contain administrative costs and offer a high quality product at a much lower cost. We challenge every client to compare us to our competitors and their own real IT costs for the same or higher level of service and quality.

|The Power of Freedom

Enterprise 24x7 Inc. is not bound to any software/hardware technology, so your current needs, future business plan, technical environment and budget can dictate the best solution.



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